Women Jackets Coats

Then there are the hybrid women jackets, such as the in-between coats, which bridges the gap between sun and rain. In the Netherlands with changeable weather no unnecessary luxury. New is the return of the jacket dress: fitted, light, long coats that you wear over your trousers, vests or skirts. The sporty types among us are richly provided with light sport jackets and the more robust outdoor jackets for the tough work. Wind, water and style seal.

Shop2fashion coats open the new season

The catwalk shows a lot of wool for autumn and winter and the windows are dizzy. Mantels are long and spacious and richly decorated with appliqués, patches and embroidery. Combine this with high boots, or as long as the weather allows it with bare legs and ankle boots. The quilted jacket is a winter-warm must-have that gets a little makeover every season, but is always possible in its classic form.

women’s jackets

The women’s jacket collection is particularly versatile and offers suitable jackets for every season and every occasion. The range varies from classic trench coats and jackets to leather jackets and wonderfully warm winter coats. For example, opt for a stylish quilted jacket

Leather jackets for the summer or spring

Of course you can also visit the shop for a beautiful summer coat. For example, take a look at the  women’s jacket collection. Here you will find fashionable leather jackets according to the latest trends. A leather jacket is an excellent in-between suede jacket and cannot be missed in the women’s wardrobe. The finest leather jackets of the highest quality leathers.

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