Beautiful DIY Headband

Here are a lot pretty headband tutoríals that can enrích your accessory’s collectíon. You wíll see below great craft projects for yourself, kíds and for your fríends. What’s more,the are símple to make, you only have to follow the steps and you wíll make ít ín a few mínutes.

 Headbands very stylísh and fancy. Even íf your haír ís messy you can stíll put a headband and you wíll look fabulous. Look at these headband tutoríals and make your own. Whích one ís your favoríte?

Celebrítíes love them because the headbands are more than just functíonal, they are fabulous fashíon accessoríes that add a fashíon accent on theír outfít. Here I have a míllíon dífferent headband tutoríals, from símple to glamorous and elegant, embellíshed wíth crystals.

Women’s Dresses

You will always find what you are looking for in the extensive dress collection of the shop2fashion. The collection varies from festive cocktail dresses to casual a-line dresses and everything in between.

Shop2fashion quality casual dresses

The dress collection of shop2fashion is ideal for everyday occasions. The tunic dresses are wonderfully comfortable and have a flattering A-line model. The blouse dress also  beautifully. Do you want a slightly chic look? Then choose the wrap dress from shop2fashion. Go for a black model that you can wear during the day to work and with which you also look stylish during a dinner.

Business casual dress

One of the excellent parts approximately a dress is that they’re so flexible. A shirt, sheath or shift get dressed is best for paintings. Even take a look at out our cute sweater dresses for the office. Just pair it with a cardigan or maybe tights for a few extra insurance.

We have wide collection dresses

Have you need an dress for an wedding? Nowadays, dresses are still a good choice to dress chic. They are feminine, graceful and very stylish. Moreover, It can easily be combined with accessories, shoes and cardigans. Moreover, dresses emphasize your feminine silhouette like no other.

The fabric falls smoothly and gracefully around your body, which is particularly elegant. You can also go a lot with dresses and there are actually endless models, materials and colors to choose from. From mini to maxi, from lace to wool, from black to variegated flowers: there is no lack of choice.

Which dress is your favorite?

Not all women love dress. It make sometimes quite difficult to get through your day unscathed. But at a party dresses are completely in place. And with a cocktail night or evening dress you look like a stylish diva. Choose the right model that matches your style and shapes, so that it fits perfectly.

If you like feminine clothing, then opt for thin, supple fabrics in soft or striking colors. Are you more the tough type, then you can shine in, for example, denim or leather. And tight made of elastic fabric provide an extra sexy effect. These envelop your feminine forms very precisely. In your spare time, a wider sweat fabric model is perfect for relaxing. A casual and simple outfit that is still very stylish. You can be seen 100% in it!

DIY Fashion With Studs

Pre-studded clothing is too much. And studs are so cheap! You can buy a bag of 100-200 for under $ 5, and style your own clothes.

Kínds of Studs

So there are a few dífferent kínds of studs that I’ve used. The dífference ís ín how they fasten – some have prongs, some have fastener píeces, some you’ll need glue for.

I recommend líghtly markíng where you want to place your studs before you start, unless you’re good at eyeballíng ít. Once you’ve decíded what sorts of spíkes to use and where to put them, you have to fígure out how to put them on!

Normal studs – pyramíds, stars, hearts, etc. – have prongs on the back. Just push the stud ínto the fabríc so that the prongs poke through to the other síde, and then fold them down. I usually do thís by hand, but you can use a studder or maybe some plíers to make ít easíer.

Anythíng shaped líke a spíke wíll typícally have a fastener. You push the fastener through the fabríc from the ínsíde, and then place the spíke on top. Then, you’ll have to lay ít flat on a hard surface and use a hammer to attach the spíke. Some spíkes have screw on fasteners, and I ímagíne thís ís easíer than ones that need to be hammered.

Some studs have flat backs, and you’ll need to píck up some E-6000 bondíng glue. Don’t use hot glue, ít won’t work!! I haven’t tríed flat-backed studs yet, because I’m thínkíng that usíng pronged studs ís easíer.

What to stud?

There are so many choíces! Jackets, shírts, pants, purses, even shoes! Here are a few of the thíngs that I’ve experímented wíth, along wíth línks to the studs I’ve used.

Men’s shoes sneakers the latest fashion trends

Whether you are looking for men’s sneakers or sneakers, shop2fashion has it all! Sneakers are the perfect shoes for shopping or when you have a nice day for exercising. However, the times when trainers were only for sports are long gone! Today sneakers are a real fashion statement that creates a nice, comfortable look for your everyday wardrobe. Think tracksuit with a shirt, combined with sneakers with. That’s right, you steal the show wherever you are without getting score feet! At shop2fashion you will find more than just cute sneakers.

Show your style with football boots

Focus your attention while wearing shop2fashion’s most fashionable football boots. Are you looking for a comfortable, masculine shoe? Then sneaker trainers are the best choice for you! It gives you an elegant look during exercise or jogging. Are you looking for a professional football boots? Shop2fashion has high-quality football boots from the most famous football clubs such as Galatasaray, Fenerbahce, Besiktas. It’s also cheap in price, why spend a lot more for the same quality shoes? The football boots are very comfortable to wear, you will certainly be satisfied.

Order the perfect mens sneaker shoes for your wardrobe

Have you found the perfect sneakers or suede boots for shopping? Order them via the shop2fashion webshop. Because your shoes are shipped with free shipping! if you are not satisfied, money back guarantee. Do you want more inspiration? Check out the Insta store and see influencers style their latest accessories,

Women handbag are classy and fabulous

Women handbag who are not obsessed with bags? And you will soon be thanks to our selection of handbags and wallets for ladies! From crossbody bags and clutches to shoppers and weekend bags, we have what you can’t do without. And once you’ve found the bag of your dreams, don’t forget the wallet.

Shop2fashion versatile ladies’ bags with style

In our extensive range of ladies’ bags you will find the most current collections of top brands from home and abroad. And we have always selected the bags in our collection with care. We not only pay attention to the design, but also to the quality of the material from which the bags are made.

Are you looking for a stylish clutch in a shade that fits perfectly with your outfit? Or do you want to be able to use a functional shoulder bag or a chic shopper during the day? At Shop2fashion you will find high-quality designs at a competitive price.

The ladies’ bag: an indispensable part of your day

Only since the Middle Ages did women carry a real ladies’ bag with them. In the first instance it was only a fabric bag on a cord, which was worn because there were no bags in women’s clothing. Nowadays we can happily choose a much more comfortable option for taking along our wallet, telephone and other necessities.

Most bags in our collection have handy extra zip pockets and holders, so you can find your most important things at any time. When putting together our collection of ladies’ bags, we therefore consider it important to not only pay attention to a trendy design.

Your new bag must also be pleasantly portable and functional. That way you enjoy your purchase for an extra long time, because you know what to expect.

Women Jackets Coats

Then there are the hybrid women jackets, such as the in-between coats, which bridges the gap between sun and rain. In the Netherlands with changeable weather no unnecessary luxury. New is the return of the jacket dress: fitted, light, long coats that you wear over your trousers, vests or skirts. The sporty types among us are richly provided with light sport jackets and the more robust outdoor jackets for the tough work. Wind, water and style seal.

Shop2fashion coats open the new season

The catwalk shows a lot of wool for autumn and winter and the windows are dizzy. Mantels are long and spacious and richly decorated with appliqués, patches and embroidery. Combine this with high boots, or as long as the weather allows it with bare legs and ankle boots. The quilted jacket is a winter-warm must-have that gets a little makeover every season, but is always possible in its classic form.

women’s jackets

The women’s jacket collection is particularly versatile and offers suitable jackets for every season and every occasion. The range varies from classic trench coats and jackets to leather jackets and wonderfully warm winter coats. For example, opt for a stylish quilted jacket

Leather jackets for the summer or spring

Of course you can also visit the shop for a beautiful summer coat. For example, take a look at the  women’s jacket collection. Here you will find fashionable leather jackets according to the latest trends. A leather jacket is an excellent in-between suede jacket and cannot be missed in the women’s wardrobe. The finest leather jackets of the highest quality leathers.